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TP Legal Group is a Mexican law firm that assists clients in a wide range of business transactions and operations, varying from single location operations to complex and multinational operations dealing with several parties and jurisdictions.

The firm also represents several non-profit organizations in dealing with their legal requirements both from an organizational point of view, and their day-to- day legal needs. TP Legal Group is a member of Professional Legal Alliance (Pro Legal), a professional collaboration alliance which enable us to extend our presence in the cities of Monterrey, Chihuahua, Guadalajara and Cancun, as well as throughout the state of Baja California.

Our offices are located in Mexico City, Los Cabos and Tijuana.


• Banking and Finance
• Corporate
• Environmental
• Foreign Trade
• Real Estate
• Labor and employment
• Litigation
• Lobbying and Government
• Tax and Administrative Rights


More than 80 years of accumulated experience.


• Construction and Infrastructure
• Investment and Securities
• Maquila Industry
• Manufacturing
• Tourism and Resorts, etc.
• Real Estate Projects
• Non-Profit Organizations
• Religious Associations


(714) 919-4256