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We are not just another service provider – we are a dedicated, consultive partner in your success and the success of the associates we entrust to your business.

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Helen Wilmore

Warehouse Head

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Anthony Wills

Transport Manager

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Kate Winslot

Cargo head

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Kristina Castle

Operational head

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Kane William

Country Head

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Lisa Johnson

Finance manager

Marcos Melendrez

Contract Manufacturing Expert

Marcos Melendrez is an accomplished professional poised as a Contract Manufacturing Expert with a robust background spanning various facets of operations and supply chain management.

With prior experience as an Operations Manager at a limousine and truck fabrication plant, Melendrez possesses a proven track record in overseeing complex manufacturing operations. His expertise likely encompasses production optimization, quality control, and process enhancement to drive efficiency and meet high-quality standards.

Melendrez's role as a leader of operators signifies his proficiency in team management and fostering a cohesive working environment. His experience in guiding and mentoring operational teams likely contributes to optimized workflows and enhanced productivity.

Marcos' expertise in supply chain management is highlighted by his success in developing suppliers for various materials, including vinyl, textiles, and other essential components. His skill in identifying, evaluating, and nurturing supplier relationships is crucial in ensuring a streamlined and reliable flow of materials essential for manufacturing operations.

Marcos Melendrez's combined experience in operations management, plant leadership, supply chain expertise, and his background in fabricating diverse materials positions him as an invaluable asset in the realm of contract manufacturing. His proficiency in optimizing manufacturing processes, coupled with his adeptness in supply chain dynamics, aligns well with the complexities and demands of the role of a Contract Manufacturing Expert.

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