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We are not just another service provider – we are a dedicated, consultive partner in your success and the success of the associates we entrust to your business.

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Helen Wilmore

Warehouse Head

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Anthony Wills

Transport Manager

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Kate Winslot

Cargo head

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Kristina Castle

Operational head

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Kane William

Country Head

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Lisa Johnson

Finance manager

Saul Rosales

Business Development Specialist

Saul Rosales stands as Business Development Specialist, boasting a rich career spanning 15 years deeply entrenched in the realm of Foreign Direct Investment and business advancement.

His expansive expertise encompasses a diverse array of industries, from the industrial sector and agriculture to the intricate domains of reverse logistics, international and domestic trading, and environmentally conscious enterprises.

Rosales brings a multifaceted perspective, having engaged in a spectrum of industries, showcasing a versatile understanding of varied business landscapes. Notably, his current portfolio involves the operation and oversight of fabrication and manufacturing integration services companies, strategically tailored to cater primarily to the discerning market of the United States.

His wealth of experience and engagement across these sectors positions him as an invaluable asset in the realm of business development. Rosales' expertise is underscored by his adeptness in navigating complexities across industries, coupled with his strategic insights into fostering growth, forging lucrative partnerships, and capitalizing on market opportunities. His focus on environmentally oriented enterprises also reflects a forward-thinking approach, aligning business growth with sustainability goals.

Overall, Saul Rosales emerges as a proficient Business Development Specialist, blending a profound understanding of diverse industries with a strategic vision geared towards driving growth and success, particularly within the competitive landscape of the U.S. market.

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